5…4…3… (Official Launch: brbRunning.com)

Feeling pensive - took this photo at sunrise this morning along one of my favorite running routes.
Sunrise along one of my favorite trails, near work. Taken this morning with Galaxy Nexus.

Humans have a tendency to want to record. We scrapbook. We journal. We take too many photographs. We want to remember, and we want to share. Why do you think Twitter and Pinterest are so popular?

I’ve done a lot of running over the past few years, which means I’ve spent a lot of time alone on the trails. As any runner knows, running is a great time to think.  While putting one foot in front of the other, we ponder the mundane (what should I eat for lunch?), the obvious (why am I doing this, again?) and the profound (were we really Born to Run?).

I’ve reflected on writing about running for quite some time.  However, it’s always seemed to be that only elite, accomplished runners are allowed the self-indulgence of regaling anonymous throngs of readers with stories that basically all end the same way. It wasn’t until I ran the Rocky Raccoon 100-miler, and wrote about it afterwards, that I realized I don’t have to finish first to tell a decent story, and that maybe some people will want to read it.

Runners have great stories, and other runners like reading those stories.  As such, I think this blog has been a long time coming.

So, here we go! On this blog, you can anticipate harrowing tales of pain, exultant accounts of success, and enlightened insights about running.


At the very least, you’ll stay up to date on my running. I think there are some nuggets of wisdom buried beneath thousands of miles on the trails.

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