SF Double Marathon

SF Double Marathon in the books – 52.4 miles through San Francisco this weekend.

This ultra was a fundraiser for Family Assistance Ministries. Together, we raised $1,500. Thanks everyone who generously donated.

Highlights from the race:

  • Starting at midnight and running through a [mostly] empty city.
  • Running with the lead pack for the first loop – a group of talented and intrepid runners. We [mostly] didn’t get lost.
  • Finishing the first loop with Dean Karnazes who I met ~10 years ago as a journalist at Santa Cruz when I could barely run 3 miles.
  • Taking a nap in between loops. Luxury!
  • Running the second loop with Mike W, who got me intro running; his brother Pat, who I crewed Badwater with for Mike; and their brother Chris, who was completing his very first ultramarathon.
  • Meeting up with Antarctica Vavilovians & friends – Dan, Jenna, and Rose – for post-race dinner

Thanks everyone for your support. This was a really fun race.

Finishing the first loop with Dean – look how similar our strides are! So cool

Dean and I match

Taking a nap between loops – we weren’t allowed to start our second lap before the actual marathon began

Finishing the second loop with the Whalens


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