Nashville Rock’n’Roll Marathon

Ran a race a few weeks ago in Nashville. Highlights:

  • Getting to hang out with Antarctican buddies (Andrew and Patti continue to be my inspirations)
  • Exploring Nashville the music scene – it’s legit!
  • Running a pretty fast race for the hilly / hot course: 3:54 (not my fastest marathon, but came in top 8% for women and felt pretty good at the end!)

Here are some photos. Patti took most of them (thanks Patti!)

Runners “RunningSucks” and “Rainbow Goat’ pick up their bibs
Pre-race at a bar on Nashville’s Broadway that has been repurposed as a banana, bagel, and water dispensary
Running a race. Notice Patti’s cowbell in the foreground¬†
Finishing a race!
They gave us medals


Best Cheerleader Ever takes a selfie
Temp tattoo time
Sun never sets on a badass.



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