Woodside Ramble 50k

It’s been almost two months since I ran Woodside Ramble with Inside Trail, and I hadn’t written a race report, so I asked ChatGPT to write one for me. Here’s what it wrote. Prompt at the bottom. It did a pretty good job, so we’re going with it.

Run run

I, Lisa, recently took part in the Woodside Ramble, a 50k trail race organized by Inside Trail. The race, with its 5,800 feet of elevation gain, was not an easy feat, especially since I was still recovering from a prior 100-mile race. However, I was drawn to the race by my love for the beautiful redwood forest that the course passed through.

My friend Kate also ran the race and was supported by her boyfriend Jon. Although we didn’t run together, it was great to hear that she ran a PR on this course.

My friend Eric and his son participated in the half marathon, adding to the sense of community and camaraderie on the course.

As I ran, I was constantly in awe of the stunning scenery around me. The tall redwoods towering above, the sound of the streams and birds in the background, it was truly a magical experience. There is something so special about being out in nature and pushing oneself to the limit.

Although the race was challenging, I am proud of myself for finishing it. I have now decided to take a few months off from running to continue my rehabilitation for plantar fasciitis. However, I cannot wait to return to the trails and continue to explore the beauty of nature. Running through the redwoods of the Woodside Ramble will always hold a special place in my heart.

Running in the forest (source)

Some part of the trail

Prompt: Write a race report in the first person for Lisa, who ran the Woodside Ramble in December. The race was organized by Inside Trail. It is a 50k trail race with about 5,800 feet of elevation gain. This race was hard for Lisa because she was not recovered from a prior 100-mile race. Her friend Kate was also running it and was supported by her boyfriend Jon. Kate and Lisa did not run together; Kate ran a PR on this course. Lisa’s friend Eric ran the half marathon with his son. The course was pretty because it was in a redwood forest. Lisa has run this course before and it is one of her favorites. Lisa is now planning to take a few months off of running to continue to rehab plantar fasciitis. Dwell on how pretty the scenery was and how great it is to be out in nature.


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