New Year’s One Day 2021->2022

An annual tradition continued again this year – the New Year’s One Day with Coastal Trail Runs.

I’ve run it a few times before:

And have enjoyed it every time!

This time, I ran 31.9 miles in 6 hours – good enough for 4th place. Not a PR for me, but okay because I had some health stuff to handle in November and this wasn’t a target race for me.

I had some excellent support from my crew of friends – Eric paced me for about 8 miles, and Cyndi and Alex joined for a few at the end as well. Cyndi’s mom was a great cheerleader at my mini aid station.

Some pictures below!

At the start line – layered up because it is chilly
Brought some camping chairs and decorated them with flowers – this was where my crew hung out and where I kept my drop bag. You may recognize the drop bag from the Tahoe run and the camping chairs from Burning Man
Course preview. I had to hop this puddle like … 31 times?
Gong had no plans today other than running for 24 hours
Pre-race – wearing my Coastal Hat!
Looking fresh in the morning. This pink jacket is a staple of this race.
Midday with the GG Bridge
Run run!
Eric joined me as a pacer!
His pacing skills were excellent – this is an action shot as he is checking his watch for lap breakdowns
All done! GGB in the background
My awesome crew!

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